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Why Hire ACS as your Geotechnical Engineer

If you plan to build a new home, an addition, or a basement in the San Francisco Bay Area, your project will require the Geotechnical Engineering services offered by Adept Construction Solutions.
Our engineers establish site feasibility and design criteria for grading and foundation support. They also have the capacity to evaluate geohazards such as faults and landslides.
To develop practical and cost effective foundation options, a geotechnical engineer provides you, the client, and their design teams an understanding of the soil and geologic conditions.

Adept Construction Solutions are Engineering Contractors with Well Drilling C57 License, which allows us to LEGALY test drill over 5-foot depth and provide much lower cost for Field Explorations.
We operate various drilling, test boring and sampling equipment and know how to operate in limited access or clearance conditions.

The San Francisco Bay Area’s varied geology and seismic conditions demand different building solutions.
The San Francisco Peninsula hillsides also present building challenges dealing with steep slopes, poor drainage, erosion, poorly placed fills and landslides.

A home built on an inadequate foundation can later show signs of cracks in interior and exterior walls, out of level floors, and doors and windows that stick seasonally.

During moderate or strong earthquake buildings with deficient foundation for specific soil conditions may sustain significant damage which could be prevented by utilizing affordable solutions engineered by ACS team. In some cases, buildings were ordered to be demolished by the City for safety reasons. Our geotechnical engineers, coupled with very experienced structural and civil construction experts strive to provide practical recommendations, in an effort to avoid over-engineering and additional cost.

The investment in a geotechnical investigation, which produces a soil report, guides the design and construction team to the most appropriate foundation for your specific property is extremely important and necessary.

Observations and Soil Testing during excavationRetaining Walls almost completed

Adept Construction Solutions acts as a homeowner advocate and is involved during the planning and construction phases of your home:

  • ACS geotechnical scope includes soil borings, laboratory testing, surface and subsurface analysis, and recommendations for a cost-effective foundation. The geotechnical report is used by the architect, civil and structural engineers to prepare the plans and is submitted to the building department.
  • Our engineers recommend the most appropriate foundation type and confirm that the grading and foundation installation are being constructed properly.
  • ACS also reviews the project plans and provide a letter to the building department to confirm the plans meet the intentions of the geotechnical report.
  • ACS performs grading and foundation site visits to confirm the project is being built per plan.

To summarize, hiring Adept Construction Solutions as your geotechnical engineering firm is an investment in the long-term performance of your new custom home or home addition.